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Specialist financing to protect your cash flow

As part of our philosophy of helping our clients wherever we can, we have negotiated an agreement with VFS Legal. This allows you to apply for funding to improve your cash flow, without affecting your banking facilities. This flexible funding makes it easier for you to develop your Practice.

  • The Disbursement Costs Facility (DCF) can run over multiple cases, and reimburses your costs as required, so you can avoid cash flow pressures.
  • The Costs Advance Facility (CAF) provides you with a cash advance against Drafted Bills, to address the problem of payment being drawn out to negotiate a reduced settlement.

We believe these products to be innovative and unique, and might well be of interest. Please contact us for more details, or visit

The benefits of DCF

The benefits of DCF

The product recognises that costs incurred in many litigation cases can be significant, and have no fixed end date for repayment. The DCF provides you with:

  • Parallel facilities, enabling you to run multiple cases
  • Case-specific facility to cover disbursements
  • Reimbursing the costs as incurred and as required
  • Limits increasing in line with your case load
  • Flexible, with no fixed term, repaid when case is concluded
  • Monthly interest, payable only on funds advanced
The benefits of CAF

The benefits of CAF

The product recognises how long it can take to negotiate and actually collect your agreed costs from a case you have already won. The CAF provides you with:

  • An immediate cash advance against the draft bill
  • Strengthens your negotiating position and settlement levels
  • Flexible, no fixed term, repaid when the bill is settled
  • You can use the funds for any purpose 
  • Unique structure – quick, efficient, simple, effective
  • Monthly interest payments until settled.
About VFS Legal

About VFS Legal

  • They are a Principal – not a Broker
  • They understand the financial pressures, and take a different approach
  • They are not a bank, so do not suffer from their bureaucracy issues
  • They use external investors, aligning the needs of Law Firms with theirs.

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